The HotYoga Center

1820 S Pacific Coast Hwy​

Redondo Beach, CA 90277

​310 540 2023

The Hot Yoga Center is a 3,000 sq. feet facility with its entrance on Pacific Coast Highway. There is plenty of free parking in the covered garage adjacent to the studio. (Visual info at the Parking  page). 

The lobby has a retail area where you can purchase yoga mats, bags, clothing and refrigerated water.

The practice area is a spacious 1,600 sq feet rectangular room with a cutting edge, non slippery, oderless matted flooring. It provides cushion and does not retain sweat. The ratio length to depth is 4 to1.

There are mirrors on 3 sides of the room.

The practice room is heated with state of art furnaces which allow us to keep this area at 105 degrees or more. We also use several humidifiers in order to maintain the proper level of humidity. We leave air purifiers on through the night and between the am and pm classes.

The studio has men's and women's changing rooms with two large (5'x5') showers. You will also find here  sinks, mirrors and hair dryers in each.

Along the corridor, there are two roomy bathrooms. 

Welcome to all of you who have taken hot yoga before and to those who are thinking to approach it for the first time. The Hot Yoga Center offers a variety of Yoga classes, all practiced in a heated room. The heat will help you to provide a better stretching for your muscles and will promote a profuse sweating that will eliminate a greater amount of toxins. Although all the classes are considered "beginners classes", the length and the intensity, make them different from each other.  Please read The Practices page to see which might be the best class for you to start with. 

If you are brand new to hot yoga, please refer to the New Students page for suggestions on how to approach your first class.

Before or soon after you take your first class, we strongly recommend that you attend one of our  

New Student Seminar. It is offered free of charge on the first Saturday of every month at 1:00p. It is very informative and it will help your practice from the very beginning. It lasts 60 minutes. Please check our 

Open House Seminar page to learn more.

As a new student, you can try some hot yoga classes for just $30. Start with the "$30 for 7 days" intro and then continue with the "$60 for 30 days" intro if you like it. These are deep discounted packages designed to give you some time to practice in the heat and decide if it is something you want to 

continue. (please see the Fees page for more details).

We have classes 7 days a week. Please check the Schedule page.

​We accept Master Card, Visa and American Express. Except for the new students' intros and drop ins, you have the option of making online purchases for all the other yoga packages.

When you purchase online you will be using the Mindbody system which is also the software we use at the front desk to keep track of every thing that goes on with our students. 

Pls check the Online Purchasing Info  page for some useful guidelines.