The HotYoga Center

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Novo Sculpt :  Novo Sculpt is a 60 minutes beginner class that includes a great combination of static and dynamic postures performed with light weights. The practice is designed to build strength and tone the muscles using both, isometric work found in traditional Yoga and isotonic contractions offered in modern workouts with weights. Although the main purpose of the class is to activate and bring some definition to the muscles, the practice includes several opportunities for stretching, particularly during the standing series.

For safety reasons we decided to use neoprene coated weights of 1, 2 and 3 lbs. We designed the postures and the sequence so that those weights would be more than enough to challenge the muscles. In fact, we recommend to start with the 1 or 2 lbs. until the body suggests otherwise.

Gym gloves are not necessary but you can bring it and wear it during the class if preferred.

This class is offered with music.

Yin Yoga :   Known as gentle Yoga or the quiet practice, Yin Yoga is the quintessential relaxing class. Yin Yoga derives its name from the Chinese Taoist concept of Yin and Yang where Yin is associated with calming, soothing, introspection, and an attitude of quiet acceptance. Practicing Yin Yoga is an attempt to gently stretch and rehabilitate the connective tissue that forms our joints.  Connective tissue accounts for 50% of the resistance against our body's flexibility compared to 40% provided by muscles. Connective tissue doesn't respond to brief, rhythmical stretches as muscles do.  For this reason, one of the fundamental characteristics of Yin Yoga is to hold the postures longer than other practices and with most of the muscles relaxed.  This is a 60 minute class, all on the floor, that will be taught with low, soothing lights. The heat will be a little less than other practices offered at our studio but still felt. Come in to try this unique and effective class that will give you an opportunity to slow down a frenetic life schedule, a way to counter a stressful situation or just a chance to spend an hour doing quiet, introspective yoga.​ This is a “less heated” class. Expect about 95°-99°​. This class is offered with music.

MFR (Myofascial Release)Yoga Therapy

A fun and invigorating 60 minute class that focuses on the releasing of painful trigger points throughout the body. The beginning of each class starts with a 10-15 minute rigorous warm-up, consisting of yoga postures combined with corrective exercise techniques. The following 35-40 minutes will be the real work of the class, releasing painful and dysfunctional trigger points! Using a roller and an MFR ball, you will be guided to methodically pinpoint and release problematic areas of muscle tissue, areas that cause improper muscle function. The final 10 or so minutes will be the cool down, calming and lengthy stretches of the specific areas we focused on during the class. Ultimately, releasing trigger points throughout the body will create an increased overall functionality of the body and a much improved well-being.

This is a “less heated” class. Expect about 95°-99°

Hot90 :  A classical, 90 minute, Hatha Yoga practice designed to develop strength, balance, poise, and flexibility. The heat of about 105 degrees, is useful and effective in stretching the muscles and promotes a natural cleansing through profuse sweating. This is a comprehensive class where internal organs will be gently massaged and detoxified, the glandular system will be stimulated and the cardiovascular system will be challenged. Take this class to detoxify, lose unnecessary weight and limit the effects of aging.

Novo Core :  Discover this beautiful practice of 40 postures and 2 breathing exercises performed in a heated room of approximately 105 degrees, designed to work your core muscles with an emphasis on the abdominals. Learn new, interesting and challenging sequences in this beginner, quick paced, energizing practice that will tone your body and will provide stretching, strengthening and cardio in about 70 minutes.

Hot60 :  A complete and engaging practice of 60 minutes that will provide the same benefits of our Hot90 while saving 1/2 hour of your time. This Hatha Yoga class has more than 20 postures with some of them repeated twice for cardio and exertion purposes. The room will be at about 105 degrees.    ​

Flow :   Build significant strength and concentration as well as flexibility with this 60 minute, Ashtanga inspired, practice performed in a heated room of approximately 105 degrees where postures flow from one to another connected by the breath. Learn sun salutation and follow the teachers' intuition and creativity as they guide you through a yoga class that might be different every time you take it.

Fusion: A 60 minutes class that combines well-known static Hatha Yoga postures that traditionally provide focus, determination and patience, with some shoulder-friendly Power Yoga combinations where the postures will flow harmoniously from one to another achieving strength, stamina and flexibility. This practice has many elements and moves that will please and challenge beginners and intermediate yogis alike. Time will go fast, a good workout is assured and all the major joints will be worked on and opened without being overused.

This is a “less heated” class. Expect about 95°-99°

This class is offered with music.

Yoga Barre: This is a 60 minute class that combines energizing Yoga postures with muscle-toning, calorie-burning exercises inspired by ballet workouts at the wall barre.This class will be approachable and challenging to all levels and no ballet experience is necessary to attend, enjoy and get noticeable results.
There will be props used to localize and intensify muscle’s work and, at the discretion of the teacher, time could be spent on the floor strengthening the core with isometric movements that can involve the use of light weights. Challenge your balance, increase your strength and broaden your flexibility with this unique class.

This is a “less heated” class. Expect about 95°-99°
This class is offered with music.